New Bluetooth generation to improve battery life on wireless devices


Lower power consumption and more connected devices: There’s lots to look forward to in the latest generation of Bluetooth.

Announced at the CES tech fair in Las Vegas, the newest update to the Bluetooth standard will allow for multiple device connections, letting you pair a speaker or pair of headphones with multiple devices at the same time, for example.

If you use wireless headphones and find the battery is drained all too often, you’ll be happy to hear the new Bluetooth generation will improve things in this area.

The new Bluetooth LE Audio standard will enable better data transmission with lower power consumption and with up to 50% less data than previous connections, according to the Bluetooth Special Interest Group (SIG).

This could allow manufactures to increase equipment runtimes or to use smaller batteries without decreasing runtimes.

Users of hearing aids are also said to benefit from the improvements of LE Audio, which will make it easier to connect the hearing aid to a smartphone or TV.

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You’ll also be able to share music and podcasts via Broadcast Audio to an unlimited number of devices.

While this might not sound that useful for individual users, public institutions like museums will be able to send audio or other files directly to your headphones via the Broadcast Audio function.

Bluetooth SIG plans to publish the specifications for the new radio standard in the first half of 2020. Manufacturers will then be able to integrate them into new devices. – dpa