Governor El Rufai: Ten persons have indicated interest to succeed me

“Governor Nasir El-Rufai has also intervened to ensure prompt settlement of the salary arrears that the local government councils owe to about 8500 primary school teachers that were employed in the second batch of recruitment of new teachers.

Governor Nasir el Rufai of Kaduna State has said about ten persons have indicated interest to succeed him after his tenure ends in 2023.

This is just as he denied the speculation that he had anointed one of the persons eyeing the exalted seat.

The governor who was speaking during a phone-in programme on Friday night noted that only God gives power to whomever he pleases.

According to him, “even though everyone has the right to aspire as long as he meets the constitutional requirements but it is to early to start aspiring for the plum office.

“We were given the mandate to administer the state for the next four years and we have not spent even one year and people have started coming out to aspire. To me, this is not only a distraction but a disservice to the people who voted us.”

The governor pointed out that it was for this reason that “I called a meeting of stakeholders and warned those in government to be careful as I am ready to deal with any one of them who abandons his responsibility for politicking.”

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He said the journey is still very far as the situation on ground still needs a radical approach to turn the state into one of the most buoyant economic states in the country.

To this end, he dispelled the rumour making the rounds that he had anointed one of the people, saying, “I have not anointed anyone. I can’t give power, only God has the authority to give power to who he pleases.

“I know each one of them is eminently qualified to rule and transform the state if given the mandate but let’s work first to justify the mandate given to us by the people of Kaduna.”

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