Chijioke Odum: Why Nigeria topped Bitcoin Google search in 2019

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Indications have emerged that Nigeria is tilting towards this digital way of asset and money exchange as evident in the Google summation that Nigeria leads other African countries in the Google search engine on bitcoin in 2019

According to the Founder and CEO of Chiji14xchange, Odum Chijioke John, Nigeria often features among the most active nations in terms of Bitcoin Google searches.

Another African country that features prominently on the list with most Google searches includes South Africa.

Speaking with newsmen in Lagos on Saturday, Odum commended Nigerian’s enthusiastic business spirit as evident in the 2019 Bitcoin Google search that rated the country as the highest search across the globe.

“Nigerians are enthusiastic. According to Bitcoin Google search in 2019, Nigeria has the highest search across the globe and that means people here want to really learn and know how to profit from this industry, the only challenge is that many still see it as a get rich quick scheme and that is why they fall for scams and ponzi schemes.”

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He pointed out that Nigeria has a very active youth population that are proactive with tech, adding that “the core attitude that will help is when they all embrace sound Crypto education by making adequate research and also learning with respective bodies like cryptohub, Abit and so on,” Odum said.

Speaking further, Chiji14xchange boss highlighted challenges facing acceptability of bitcoin as currency of choice by Nigerian and Africa at large.

He said, “One of the challenges facing the institutionalisation of bitcoin and crypto is compliance with regulatory obligations, but let me state clearly that bitcoin as a digital currency, technology and asset is self-regulatory just like the internet.”

Chiji14xchange is a Nigerian based exchange firm with the aspiration to extend its services to the entire African bitcoin market.

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