One million donation


What crazy idea have you come across of?
Well let me not conclude on this if feasible or not. I will like to hear from you (one million donations)

One million donation

One million donation is actually at it start stage, but will love to answer some questions for us to move along

What is one million donations?

One million donations is a online donations community which came into existence as an idea from Mr Ezekiel Alabis comment on a non related post on facebook, which the idea seem feasible by a reader who took Acton to bring it to existence.

One million donation

What is the aim of one million donation?

As on the screenshots above, the aim at enriching every committed members on or before year 2028 if their aim goes as plan. Where 1M member donate #50 to one member on daily basis based on their number on the list till it get to the last participants.


How do I join one million donations?

Just search with the term one million donations(OMD) and join on facebook or follow the link below to join >>click<<

See some respond from the post on comment section on facebook

Well as for me, I think it’s achievable if all member act trusted and dedicated, But will love to here from you,