The bible does not support the ‘Christian Wake Keep’, It‘s an European custom – Reno Omokri


An ex-aide to former President Goodluck Jonathan, Mr Reno Omokri, has said that he is not in support of the ‘Christian Wake Keep’, saying it is a European custom.

He made this known via his verified Twitter page as he said there is nothing like a wake keep in the bible, ‘before you hold, attend, or participate in a ‘Christian Wake Keep’, Read The Scriptures. You won’t find anything like that in them. It‘s a European custom. It‘s not Christian. Christ died, was buried the same day and rose. That’s the Christian model,’ he tweeted.

He then went on to add that there is no use praying for the dead, as it would be likened to holding a campaign after an election has already been conducted.

He cited the example of David in the bible who moved on immediately his son whom he had been fasting for died.

He said; ‘why do people pray for the dead? It is like CAMPAIGNING after ELECTION. SALVATION is ONLY for the LIVING. No amount of prayer can change the destination of the dead. David prayed and fasted for his son. When the boy died, David IMMEDIATELY moved on.

He then went on to state how Jesus Christ was buried on the same day he died as could be found in the Bible, emphasizing that, spending huge amounts of money and gathering a large crowd for burial was not important.