Pro-Biafra coalition urges boycott of Fulani cow meat

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A coalition of pro-Biafra groups has asked the people in the South East to boycott the consumption of Fulani cow meat forthwith, insisting that their native cow is a source of protein.

The groups said that for the survival and assurance of decent living for the Biafran people, it is imperative that governance and systems that support governance and social relations, should be over hauled. “No half measures of the Nigerian government and Nigerian system can guarantee even the basic survival of the Biafran people.”

Addressing a press conference on the occasion to mark the 52nd anniversary of Biafra declaration by Dim Chukwuemeka Ojukwu, they also stated that the struggle for the restoration of Biafra is in response to the continued marginalisation, deprivation and genocide against Biafrans who were defeated during the war of Independence war in 1970.

Reading a prepared speech on behalf of the 14 members of the Coalition, MASSOB leader, Uchenna Madu, noted that from the 1970 genocide until now, no Nigerian leader had dared to address the deprivation the people suffered during the period.

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He stated that the 14 pro-Biafra groups including Eastern People’s Congress (EPC), Igbo Cultural and Restoration Initiative (IYCRI), Belie Human Rights Initiative; Movement of Biafrans in Nigeria (MOBIN), Biafra National Liberation Council (BNLC), Biafra Revolutionary Organisation (BRO) resolved to boycott Fulani cow meat as a way of discouraging their alleged attempt to take over Igbo land.

“By this declaration, all Biafrans are advised to boycott cow meat consumption throughout Biafra territories and Biafra homes. All social organisations, community welfare associations, churches and all agitating groups are requested to encourage their members to observe this boycott of cow meat consumption with immediate effect,” they said.

Other pro-Biafra members of the coalition are Biafra Liberation Crusade (BLC), Joint Revolutionary Council of Biafra (JRCB), Biafra Revolutionary Force (BRF), Biafra Central Council (BCC), Biafra Liberation Council and many others.

Madu reminded the world that the declaration of Biafra on May 30, 1967, was borne out of the need for survival, adding that previous administration of the country designed plans for the “total extermination of the Biafra people.

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“It is the same reason for the siege on the two regions of Biafra by the Nigerian military. Under this situation, the peaceful and unarmed Biafra citizens are daily subjected to military humiliations, dehumanization, extortions, intimidations and exploitation across the Biafra territories”

He was full of gratitude for those that assisted Biafrans survive the period of the war, saying that they would continue to occupy places in the minds of the survivors.

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