WAEC 2017: Wellsprings College best in Lagos


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WAEC 2017: Wellsprings College best in Lagos


Odukumaya Demilade of  Wellspring College, Lagos has emerged one of the three best in the West Africa School Certificate Examination. He said the secret of his success were consistent reading, imputs from his dynamic teachers,principal and mother .Recieving the  award , Demilade said “I give all credit to God, He alone could do this, secondly to my teachers at Wellsprings College, especially my principal.She really did well by encouraging each and everyone of us to succeed. I read my books and make sure that I was consistent .”

Odukumaya not only has the best WAEC results in Lagos State, he also scored 279 in his UTME. ”I am already studying Mechanical Engineering in Covenant University,” he said. In her remarks, the Principal, Wellspring College, Mrs  Oluwayemisi Oloriade lauded Odukumaya for being the third overall best in Lagos State. According to her, Odukumaya had nine A1s. She said: ”Many  candidates had the same score but according to what I was told, they did the percentage based on the nearest 1,000 decimal places and to the glory of God, he came out the third best. I will ascribe the secret of his success to God, determination and hard-work. Before examinations, we organise  special training for our students. When our students get to SSS3, our teachers really work on them, prepare them  with a lot of aggressive revisions with them. ”

Waec Result 2017.

WASSEC candidate

”As a school , God has helped us to maintain that level of academic excellence. In 2015, we came third  in Lagos State and  in December  2016, WAEC  rated  us  the best in Lagos State and 28th in Nigeria. Since that year, we have been trying to sustain that record by paying attention to individual differences. The teachers go extra mile to ensure the syllabus is covered, revisions are done and also encourage the students”

On her part, Demilade’s mother,  Mrs. Adenike  Odukumaya said: ”I realised that Demilade has retentive  memory since he was in primary four and  he has been able to scale  hurdles in his education. During his common entrance examination, the bulk of the training came from me. When we realised  he’s very good at Mathematics, I went round to get a lot of past questions and  I gave  him  emphasizing a test that requires  2hrs 30 minutes he must complete in 1hr 45 minutes. That was how he was able to gather speed and with that he was  outstanding in his common entrance examination”. Meanwhile, Mr. Segun Odukumaya lauded  his wife’s role  in  Demilade’s achievement.  We credit  everything to God Almighty, my wife and  the steadfastness of our son himself.He loves soccer, plays soccer very hard and  studies so well.”


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