PTA back Akeredolu over plan to seal mushroom schools in Ondo


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PTA back Akeredolu over plan to seal mushroom schools in Ondo


Respective parents in Ondo State have commended Governor Rotimi Akeredolu, of Ondo State over plan to begin the seal-off of illegal schools in the state.

Ondo State governor, Rotimi Akeredolu

The Governor, at a forum organized by the state government last weekend, had said in a bid to sensitise the education sector in the state, his administration has concluded plan to close down all primary and secondary schools found to be operating illegally.

It was gathered that the close-down of illegal schools in the state would begin from January 2019.

Reacting to the development, a leader of Parents Teachers Association, PTA, in the state, Mrs Kikelomo Ajayi, said the education sector is an important sector of government that should arrest government attention.

Ajayi applauded the governor’s decision to seal-off illegal schools in the state, noting that such a step would improve the quality of education services in the country.
She added that unregistered schools have done more harm to the education sector than good.

In his submission, another PTA leader from Owo Local Government Area, Chief Idowu Ojomo laments the level of increase in number of illegal private schools in the state. He pointed out that, the purpose for establishing some of the schools by private individuals was for profit-making and not delivering on qualitative education as expected.

Chief Ojomo maintained that government intervention is needed to overhaul the sector, and to enable it handlers meet the necessary requirements of government for the establishment of private schools.

He said: “Since the government owns the unchallenged power to approve the establishment of schools, it must cross-examine every application before it, before official approval.

”He, however, advised parents in the state to support the government’s radical move initiated towards cleansing the education sector of existing rout and make it envy of other states of the country (Vanguard)

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