No going back on Biafra – Zionists

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A pro-Biafra group, Biafra Zionists Federation (BZF), has described the on-going peace meeting between the Ohanaeze Ndigbo and the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) as ‘a sabotage of no consequence’.

Leader of BZF, Mr. Benjamin Onwuka, who spoke to journalists, in Enugu, accused the IPOB of taking a bribe in order to back out from its demand for Biafra, promising his supporters that the BZF would not compromise the Biafra struggle.

In the words of Onwuka, “As far as the Zionists are concerned, there will be no compromise on Biafra. It has been established we are not fighting for a new country, we are fighting for the restoration of the Republic of Biafra. The ordinary man in the street go and ask him about Biafra.

“These IPOB telling you now about restructuring, what happens to those killed in the quest for Biafra under their umbrella? You abandon them, forget them, go and take money and then you say everything is okay. It is not possible.

“Republic of Biafra is non-negotiable, that is what Biafrans want and that is what the Zionists will give them.

“IPOB can go ahead with Ohanaeze and seek restructuring but that is their own cup of tea. We insist on Biafra. As far as I am concerned, it is non-negotiable.”

Onwuka said that the only way to end killings being perpetrated by suspected Fulani herdsmen and unjust persecution of politicians from the Southern and the Middle-Belt region of the country was to divide the along major ethnic lines.

He alleged that South East politicians were being harassed and detained because they refused to align with the APC, “So, if you don’t resist it, it will be a conquest under the guise of politics.

“Last night, we heard that Akpabio has now joined the APC. Akpabio is not bordered about all the killings of Biafrans. He is only interested in money and influence. Akpabio has left the PDP that sustained him all these years and now decamped to the APC because of selfish interest.

“We are assuring him and others that have not intervened in the massacring of our people that they are going to pay,” he promised.