Biafra group tell Senator Ekweremadu to expect more harassment from federal government


The Biafra Zionists Federation, BZF, Monday, condemned what it called needless harassment of Nigeria’s Deputy Senate, Senator Ike Ekweremadu.

It, however, said the lawmaker should prepare himself for more of such onslaught so long as he continued to believe in the system called Nigeria instead of joining might with the group to make Biafra reality.

This formed part of the press briefing by the self-acclaimed President of the BZF, Barr. Benjamin Onwuka, who spoke to journalists in Enugu.

The pro-Biafra leader said President Muhammadu Buhari was unrepentant in his handling of affairs concerning Ndigbo, adding that it was grieved on the travails Ekweremadu was passing through.

He said, “we have been telling our people that Biafra is the only way out, and you know very well that this Ike Ekweremadu and all the Senators, those eating money from Nigeria, have been opposed to Biafra.

“However, we condemn the harassment. I am speaking as a Biafran, as an Igbo man. He is my brother. So, we condemn what is happening to him. I am assuring him that we are supporting him, we are behind him but we differ politically. He believes that there will be 2019 election but there will not be.

“He must stand firm and know that so long as he is in the entity called Nigeria, this government, which does not think well of our people will keep harassing him. But nothing will happen to him, we have conquered. Ekweremadu belongs to the Zionists as well. We are inviting him too to join us, we are one.”

Onwuka, who restated his earlier stand that he would inaugurate a Biafra Republic on August 20, said the Middle-Belt was part of his government.

“We have said it before, all the youths and the students should come out on August 20, it is their future we are fighting for. They should not come en-masse without arms. The Republic of Biafra has won the heart of the United States of America and Israel. No one is going to shoot at you; nobody will touch you. MASSOB, IPOB, all of them should come out.

“We are making an appeal to everybody, we are not discriminating. The Ohanaeze, Afenifere, Middle Belt groups, we are inviting all of you because America is now supporting Biafra.

“We are not threatening anybody but what we are saying is that the killings of our people must stop. You are doing your private business, so why come all the way to this place only to start murdering people? It is unacceptable to me. There is no compromise on this matter. It is going to stop and it will stop on August 20, 2018,” he said.

He said the killings going on in the Middle Belt was a clear indication that the affected States were not Northern states, “and that is why they are being slaughtered everyday.”

Justifying his stand on the Middle-Belt, he said, “Kogi, and the other Middle-Belt States, Abuja, Southern Kaduna and Adamawa are part of us. Also the people of Bakassi Peninsula are our brothers and we are not going to leave them. They are our brothers.

“We are the people that will make sure that security of lives and property are guaranteed in these areas. The massacre of the people of Middle-Belt is evident that the Hausa-Fulani man will never see them as brothers. They see them as Igbo men masquerading as Northerners.

The Zionists equally warned traditional rulers in the zone to desist henceforth, stressing “we are getting information that they receive money from these killer Fulani herdsmen to allocate lands to them. This must stop; they are going to pay heavy price when Biafra comes. We are getting reports of those involved in taking bribe from the killer herdsmen.”